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Life is good again. Yay!

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I've finally come out of that awful funk I was in. I tried to look at all the people & things for which I am thankful. I also tried letting those around me know when I am too tired and overwhelmed to keep up with their pace. If needed, I even take a nap in the afternoon. I NEVER would allow myself that luxury before.

Thank you Kaudio and Nancyannee. Your encouragement and caring were a great help.

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Journey, I am so glad you are feeling better. I know how hard it is to take time for yourself. We spend so much time "doing" for others, sometimes it is hard to see we need rest and peace.

Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself! Ha, easier said than done, I know. Just remember to take care of YOU!!


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I have only just joined and just come across this particular section! I am diagnoised as bipolar affective dissorder, rapid cycling.(very rapid,in a day to a week generally). The manic i love, who doesn't,except when i get the agitation and my brain wont stop for me to even try to think! I feel like a ping pong ball, bouncing off everything! I am at present around 2 weeks into a constant up,down,up and up! Just wanted to send my hopes that you stay up and just to say i know whats it's like for me. Not knowing if in an hour or two whether i will b able to think straight, or if 2moro will be the day that things get a little easier! Take care.

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