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Spontaneous crying?


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Well, right now, I actually feel pretty good. Got a complete med overhaul with my recent admission and, for the first time in forever, actually feel like a real person. I don't feel weighted down like I usually do. No suicidal thoughts. No self harm. I get up and out of bed every morning and I accomplish something every day. My kids and I are looking for a home so we can move out of my brother's house. We are making plans for the future, including a possible family vacation. Things really are looking up.

Which is why I do not understand why I am having so many episodes of totally random, spontaneous crying? I can see a picture, or something on TV, or hear about someone I don't even know and just start weeping. Real tears and all. I don't necessarily feel sad, just suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. I was walking through a store yesterday, had a thought, and started crying. My son came home from school, told me something the teacher said, I started crying. Pulled up to a stop light, saw a homeless guy, started crying. See a pattern here?

What is this about? Is it a side effect of the meds? If not, HOW can I stop it?

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Perhaps your crying has something to do with the meds. But, as you say, you feel really great, you are able to do things without the weight, and your experience of the activities you do daily has changed in some way. Could these tears be related to these recent changes in perspective?

There was a day, quite recently, when I teared up pretty easily from videos. The scenes in question were not what I would consider touching, but they were still the most intense scenes of the plot. So, I thought it was a bit embarassing reaching for tissues as I normally do not tear up for videos; yet, sometimes the things we notice just bring us to tears because we relate in some way we never did before.

A good anime character once said, it's okay to get wet because handsome men are not afraid of water. But, as the story will later reveal, this is as true of handsome men as it is of handsome women ;)

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