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I posted here and on the depression site a couple of weeks ago, and was ready to apck it all in and take my life. I was in the depths of despair.

Since then some amazing things have happened, small to some people but HUGE for me.

I got word to say funding has been approved for a new support worker for me starting in about 2 weeks.

I had a call from the pysch nurse at Allied Mental Health Team and he has made an appt to see me in a week, work with me through things and work with my Doc.

I went out Friday with my ex support worker who said she saw me more of a friend than a client, very flattering, and positive. I am not hopeless, useless and stupid after all.

Being not very computer literate when it comes to the fancy stuff, I learnt how to download my photos from camera to pc, used one of my dog and set it as my wallpaper, and downsized a photo of him to show on another site. Little things I know, but I DID IT all by myself.

My daughter rang last night to say the whole family is coming today to see me for Mother's Day. I haven't seen them for ages it will be great.

I was put on avanza 15mg at night, for my anxiety and voila, it is now manageable, in fact some times it is not there at all. I still take cymbalta for depression but it has been cut from 90mg to 60mg, in the morning and I still take seroquel 100mg at night.

But my whole outlook has taken a change for the better and I wanted to share it with those in need, to show anything can happen if you fight and accept where you are now.

Thankyou to those who were so supportive in my time of great need. I have a lot to thank you for. I hope I can reciprocate when needed. This is a great site and I wanted to acknowledge it. Thanks to those who read this post.

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