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Everyone is different, but what med works the best....

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for you. I've been off zoloft foe 8 months. It worked well but made me feel like a zombie, gain weight, grind my teeth and sweat. Also had some sexual side effects. I really need to get on something soon, I suffer fron severe depression and really bad anxiety.

What works well for you and how long have you been on it?

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Hi, i'm sorry i don't have any answers for you, though with all my heart i wish that i did!

What i can do is tell you a bit about my medication journey. It hasn't been nice,pretty or fun at times but whos has?!? I have had some bad side effects in my time..

I haven't found a combination that works well for me yet but i try to hold on to the knowledge that new drugs are being tried and tested all the time! And that in the future this might change!

I'll try to give you a quick insight into some of the many medications i've tried!!

Anti depressants-citalopram, fluoxetine,seratraline,duloxetine,venaflaxine,amitiptyline and phenelzine. A few others too.

Anti psychotics-these i have had some disasters with. Olamzapine made me put on over three stone in weight. Cholropromazine and haloperidol gave me severe lock jaw i was unlucky. I needed two antidotes.

Mood stabilises i went toxic on one of them. This was not the drugs fault but my consultant that was treating me at the time, he did not bother doing blood tests as he should have. I got out of bed one morning and fell flat on my face. I was in hospital not able to move well for three weeks. I had four times the highest ammount of that medication that you should have in your system. Make sure if you need blood tests you have them done.

I am now taking lamotrigine, tegretol retard, seroquel and diazepam. The side effects i have at mo are dry mouth, hot flushes, i overheat easy and can sometimes feel sick. I guess i expect these now they are just a part of it. These meds are not helping me much at the mo but i won't give up trying.

I have had therapy too, for one and a half years with a lovely cbt doctor who has saved my life on more than one occasion.

My lovely cbt doctor taught me a lot at present my mantra is!!! "get through today hopefully tommorow could be better"

kind regards


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