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A person's reputation goes up when someone else clicks on that scales-of-justice thing at the top of one of their posts. I think the amount that the reputation increases depends on who gives it to them. And not too many people even know about the reputation thing, so anything above 6 is pretty random, in my opinion.

The only thing we're really using it for is to release new members from the restriction of where they can post. So, if you come across someone with a reputation of 5, and their post doesn't look harmful or spammy, go ahead and give their reputation a boost. Otherwise, it's pretty safe to just ignore it.

Please don't believe that it's some kind of measure of your personal value.

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You, know, honestly, I haven't even noticed the reps that much. Once they started screening newbies here, I tried to remember to add to reps for that purpose but otherwise don't give it any thought. At this moment, I do not even know what my rep # is! Believe me, though, you are a wonderful, trusted and valued member of our community and I hope you don't worry about your value here because of that number!

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