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How can you help someone get past being bullied


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As far as what you said about his behavior on that first job being due to bullying: there's a very good chance that's correct. The same thing happened to me. It's a very discouraging experience, because you feel like your past is following you.

Time heals everything, and that's been the case for me. After trying to write a book about my experiences being bullied, (Bad idea, because it dredged me through all the muck I needed to put behind me) I realized I had to think about something else.

I would highly recommend him joining the Toastmaster's. That helped me immensely with shyness in general.

I won't mince words. There's an IMMENSE amount of work involved with healing from the experience of being bullied. And yet, going from being too panicked to talk casually with anyone to being able to give speeches to crowded rooms and be funny, even charming with anyone I meet is an experience most people don't get to have. You earn it. You have a unique perspective of the human psyche most people don't. It's almost worth all the years of bullshit. :-)

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I'm not sure exactly how you can help your brother get past being bullied, but I bet it's not that different from how you're going to get past being abused. I know his reaction to his peers was completely different from what your reaction would have been, but the causes are buried in the same place as yours are. You two grew up in the same environment, just different perspectives. That might possibly make you the best equipped person out there to help him, because you were there, too. It might even help you, some, too.

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