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Hi TTT54red, sounds like you've got some left over worry about this. The mind is such a challenge to deal with, isn't it? Sometimes there's nothing to fear but fear itself, as someone said. Many people here deal with the effects of anxiety and a mind on overdrive. Is it possible for you to deal with it that way, saying, I've got to learn some skills in mind management, maybe meditation, exercise, affirmations, prayer, to name a few possibilities, so I can feel better about being in my own skin? I got a lot of help by seeing a therapist. That's an option too.

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Help me understand. Is it that the thought can pop into your head at all that is bothering you?

If that is it, please go easy on yourself. There is absolutely NO WAY we can control every little thing the mind does. Trying to do so will cause more damage than good. We have to accept that there will be a constant stream of images and voices and thoughts that continually flow even while we are asleep.

You do not have to attach to a thought just because it occurs. It pops up, you just notice it and let it go. You have choices! :)

If you get too caught up in reacting to your thoughts and trying to repress them, that gives them too much negative attention and they will take that energy and multiply. Don't feel bad if this is a problem area for you. People with OCD often need help to settle these issues and live more comfortably, OK?

Just as a side note, I allow quite a bit of free reign on my mind because I enjoy a strong imagination. If I were to tighten down on every questionable thought, I would lose my ability to be creative. I just pick and choose what I will go with. So there is one reason to learn to be more tolerant. Sometimes there is gold in the pile of refuse in the mind!

Well I've crashed the CBT thread again:p. Hopefully someone will show up to teach us how it is done correctly:)

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