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I belong to other site that is trailor made for people that suffer with anxiety and panic attacks...

Well the last couple of days my anxiety has increase to being above what it usally is... Well I enter the chat room on the site and had a panic attack.. I kept having the painc attack into the next day... Well now instead of people being supporive of me and what was happening to me.. They started to judge me harsh... Saying things like don't come in here and say that people don't like you... or that people never talk to you... Cause it is not true... I was in a panic attack and then was told all of this like I remember any of this.. or etc... I said I was sorry and so on... but the hate is there now toward me...

I just want to know if this happens to you when you have a attack were people judge you harsh and etc... or is it just me.. Being a senetive person... I don't know.. let me know...:confused:

Concrete Angel

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Dear angel, I think you just came up against the limitations of what people there could handle. Please don't take it too hard. I have a friend who is head injured, and she cannot handle exposure to too much stimuli. She will start crying hysterically. She cannot help it. People will turn away from her, judge her, tell her she's doing it for attention, etc. She just cannot help it, and she has had to learn to accept people's inability to tolerate that kind of state. I hope you are having a better day today.:(

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