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Nervous about going to shrink..


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Aright so i've had bad OCD and anxiety my whole life, so i decided to do something about it, and my parents made an appointment for me to see a shrink (im 17). im extremely nervous about going to the first appointment, because I don't know what to tell the guy, to explain my situation. I feel if i don't tell him enough, he will think there is nothing wrong with me. any advice for me??

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See, most people I hear from are worried about having to tell their therapist too much, but you're worried you won't tell them enough! Luckily, they're not in the business of judging you, either way.

If you feel bad, at least for an extended period, there's something wrong. I don't think you need to worry about what the therapist thinks. Just tell them whatever comes to mind.

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OK, easier said than done I know, but don't worry about what the therapist thinks about you. I can't imagine there are many people out there who seek the help of a therapist who don't really need it, ya know? Most of us are very reluctant or hesitant to go at first, few people are beating down the door of a therapist's office unless, perhaps, it is to get attention or avoid jail time, kwim? I am sure the therapist will see upfront you have neither of those motives!

Its always a good idea to write down your thoughts before going in if you're worried you will forget something or that your mind will wander.

As for the appt itself, first appts are usually very general- a kind of "get to know you" meeting. He or she will know the right questions to ask to get the exact info needed to treat you. Just remember to be HONEST about your feelings.

Let us know how it goes. Oh, and one more thing, if for some reason you don't feel THIS therapist is the right one for you, try another! Sometimes it just takes finding a therapist you click with.

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