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A message for mark!


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This is a message for Mark.

Mark, could you please tell me what has happened regarding this forum site for the last couple of days?

I have been trying to log on to this site but... could only get as far as the first four post. I couldn't access any other post apart from the one that I am involved in, in getting a reply through my private email.

I did however manage to mention this problem to Kaudio who has done her best to reassure me that the situation was being dealt with by yourself. Thank you for that by the way and Thank you Kaudio!

Are we likely to expect this problem to arise again?

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The server this community sits on was under attack for some reason - it is what is called a denial of service attack - multiple computers are instructed to request as many pages as possible from the server at once, and the total number of requests overwhelms the capacity of the server to keep up. The engineers were able to deflect the worst of it, and now the storm seems to be over. These things happen from time to time, and there isn't any good way to prevent them, or predict them. I don't know how likely this is to repeat, but it certainly could happen again.

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I know!! It is so frustrating! I got home from the hospital last night and couldn't wait to post my return and couldn't gain access.....of course that got my paranoia all fired up...although it does not take much...:o

I do understand though that you are trying to work things out and access has been much better today:)

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