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anyone have experience and opinions of prozac?

i might go on prozac while accepting mistakes and am somewhat unsure, ive always thought that i dont want to take drugs, just because they would be messing with my chemical levels and feelings, and i guess i thought dealing naturally would bring better results, what is your experience with prozac?

i'd be taking it for being depressed, and anxiety symptoms

Thanks :P

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First of all this is my experience with prozac. Now I have aspergers and in teens you tend to have high levels of anxiety with aspregers I was pretty much having an anxiety disorder panic attacks and all so I needed some drugs to bring down my anxiety somewhat. The doctor recommended I take prozac because it is a very safe drug he also gave me the option of taking drugs that fix you for a short amount of time but instantly. That's a bad option because you start developing an immunity to those things so its not all that great for you. Prozac takes about a week to kick in and when it did I felt mellow and content and it was nice a peaceful. Now what you should now is I did have still have panic attacks but they came a lot less and I was anxious less but I was still anxious. when I got off prozac it took me time to adjust to living without them but since its not as addicting it wasn't to bad and I adjusted pretty easily. When I got off it I was ready, I was no longer having panic attack and I was anxious every once in awhile and that's it so now I'm better and prozac worked very well.

I used Prozac for my anxiety disorder for about two years. Its a very good drug because it is the least likely to cause any problems, its the safest out there and it works well.

Now when I took it I felt more mellow. I felt nice and content for the most part, I was mellow and I felt good. Important thing though, you need to take it EVERY DAY. When my anxiety was starting to go away I became careless and I took it every once in awhile.

When I started taking it once in awhile I started getting a lot of diarrhea and it was annoying, it wasn't terrible end of the world stuff but it was annoying.

This drug really won't hurt your health at all, and if it does its going to last like half a week then you'll be fully recovered from a bad case of diarrhea lol. So when you take this you don't need to worry.

When you decide your ready to get off the drug its also not as bad as other drugs, you will need to get used to living without it again though but for me that only took a couple weeks which isn't that bad compared to other drugs which are much more addicting.

When you get off of Prozac its kinda hard to explain but its like you can feel yourself returning to a normal person again. Its kinda weird because with the drug its like it takes away depression and anxiety and when you get off you experience those feeling on a very small scale.

Now I know that might sound a little bit scary but when you experience it, it isn't bad at all. And when it happens to you, you won't be able to explain it either.

So to sum this all up the drug is good, its safe, and very slightly addictive. I'm all for you getting it if you think you need it.

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Thanks your description sounds really good, and it sounds ideal for what im looking for. i just need something to help me be balanced and stable while i work out whatever needs to be dealt with, and once ive done that, i can wean off of it, and go back to living. i think i know what you mean by the anxiety and depression feeling coming back, just i havent experienced it after something like prozac, but it reminded me off feeling anxiety and remembering a time when i use to be really insecure and anxiety would scare me, but then this new time i felt anxiety it was like, its there in the background, but its not something overwhelming,

thanks for the description though, it was really good and the diarrhea was funny!

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