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Looking for help for my Father.


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Recently my father and I have been talking about how hes been feeling lately. He mentions that he has a hard time gripping reality, as in his words "Feels like I'm living in a movie". As I searched for some information for him I noticed it points in the direct of Social Anxiety Disorder. But, My father is one of the most out going people that I know personally. Also, on top of that when he starts to "fuzz out" (as he calls it) he gets awkward pains in his chest, or his arm, or his neck. Sometimes it's a combination of a few of the pains. Awhile ago he used to take Paxil for the SAD but he stopped taking them due to it making him feel worse sometimes. Just starting to get scared for my old man. Thank you for any information. :)

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Hi Moeski Jr,

Actually I'm not quite sure about SAD and hallucinations (I have a BP) so I can' t provide you with any technical advice, really sorry about that, but anyway I'd suggest you urge him to seek professional help as soon as possible, whatever the actual condition(s) may be. From my personal experience, I think I can say that optimal medication & therapy along with a good understanding of the problem will indeed work effectively.

Best wishes for his very quick recovery:)

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I will assume that your father is at least middle aged, or an older adult,and give advice accordingly. The very first thing that he needs to do, ASAP, is go see his physician and get a full workup for his symptoms. As you age, all sorts of things can go wrong that can create a "fuzzy feeling", such as: vascular disease (causing mini strokes), heart disease, the beginnings of a disease like Alzheimers, infections, nutrition imbalance, hormonal imbalances, etc. etc. Particularly since he is having pain, go as soon as possible!

Good luck!

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