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Unneeded fear

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Hello forum,

I am a first time poster. The reason for my post is that I'm in a relationship with a wonderful Woman that has hit a stumbling block. We just started dating in April and everything was going great. Last weekend I noticed she was being a little distant so I started to worry we were over. She assured me we were ok and I felt relief. The next day she said she said she had issues with my insecurities, I told her they had passed and it seemed we were still ok. The next day she called me around 6 and before we hung up, she said"I'll call you in a couple of hours" It got to be 12:30 and she hadn't called or answered her phone and I started to worry. I called the local hospitals and she was not there. She called shortly after I checked the hospitals and said she had fell asleep. I told her of my concern and she assured me if something had happened her parents would have called. I got a call the next day informing me she needed us to take a step back as she was under too much stress that worrying about me worrying about her was just too much right now.

I think I have adult seperation anxiety disorder and it is affecting my relationship. What can I do to fix this problem?

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