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Favorite Food!


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Hi, if I were to pin down one choice as my favourite it would have to be borscht. But, it has to be home made to make sure it is rich and creamy. I once ordered borscht at a restaurant to my regret as it was kind of watery and spiced out. I need to track down that recipe....

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Hi everyone!

Pizzas are one of my favorites. Even the simplest cheese pizza is mouth-watering to me.

I also love curry dishes. Especially ones drowning in lots of yellow curry sauce!

Also, I love soups. I am a soup person. I am favoring cream soups right now.

Kaudio, can you tell me more about borscht? It sounds creamy ---dreamy! :D

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For convenience I have merged the threads in question together into the Lounge forum. I think borscht is an Eastern European soup that uses beets as the base. It is usually very red or deep red in colour served either hot or cold. I prefer hot borscht and I do get dreamy thinking about it. :D

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cant believe ive only just seen this thread, what a womble

ok, i guess most of you guys that know me on here know that my favourite food is .................


and yes chocolate is food, it is vegetable, with a little dairy, its a healthy snack, can be a anti deppresan, and its no longer just for breakfast ... if you dont believe me look at thread David O is now a moderator.

take care



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