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has anyone ever used tele-therapy?

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Hey everyone,

Have any of you ever used tele-therapy as either a client or a therapist?

I was reading about it recently and am wondering how people that have been involved in it think it is working (or not working, as the case may be).

I'm also curious about if you are or have used tele-therapy, was it by choice or did you have to use it and why?

It seems like an intriguing method for treatment.

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Hi confuzzed,

That's an interesting concept! Is this therapy by phone? by email? by teleconferencing? I think I prefer going to my T's office cuz I don't want to have therapy at home where everybody can hear me get upset, and I like talking to a human being (I'm pretty sure he's not from Mars, or wherever those UFO's are from!). I'd like to know too whether others have actually had this method of therapy and whether it works. Good question!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi JP,

You are completely correct. No one should rely on telephone therapy. The telephone is sometimes helpful in getting through those very rough times.

Now, there is video camera availability via the Internet. It is just another version of using the telephone for those rough spots but with a more face to face context due to the camera. It is especially useful if the client has to travel and does not want to miss sessions.

Allan :D

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