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mental problems or just teen hormones??


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Alright so I'm a teenage guy, and this past month I have been fine... but before that, for about a year, I had been having so many mental issues. But I'm not sure if it was just teenage hormones driving me crazy, or if I really had a lot of mental disorders. i've always had OCD, but this past year it had become so bad I couldn't even control my thoughts and I literally went insane.. I would have rather been dead sometimes than have these crazy thoughts run through my head non stop. Also I had severe mood swings through this past year, where I would be happy one part of the day, and then a few hours later I could literally feel the energy being sucked out of me, and I would become extremely depressed and have no energy, and think suicidal things. So for about a year I was going insane with all of these different issues. But for about the last month or so I feel totally myself again, and I'm not having any of these mood swings or horrible thoughts anymore. Do you think all of these issues was just a rush of hormones causing me to go crazy? because I know hormones in teens can do that... or do you think I'm bipolar or something? because right now I'm happy and fine... but will all of that bad stuff come back?

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Hi OCDme123,

That is a very good question? And i can tell you there are so many different answers to that question too! You sound like you have been having a really confusing time and you have alot of insight into what has been going on aswell.

I have bipolar affective disorder that started at a young age but this wasn't diagnosed until i was older, as some mood disorders aren't always easy to diagnose, especially when you are young.

Knowing there was an issue is a first step, keeping a diary if it happens again might help you too.

My teenage years were total chaos, my friends said they had some problems so i think Hormones can play up if you have bipolar or not! Hopefully some other people will have advise for you too,

Take care,


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