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HELP! I'm Abusive...


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It's almost like a cycle, my mother was emotionally and sometimes physically abusive, she hurt my brother and I a lot and when i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, things got a lot harder, i became angrier and more impulsive, sometimes i would have "episodes" of psychosis, because of these episdoes my brother has refused to see me and my mother (she is bipolar too, but tells people she isn't) she got so paranoid she got a restraining order against me. it's like the more my mother gets involved in my life the more angry i get. and since i live with my father sometimes i take it out on him, he says things that are hurtful and make me feel like my mother was right when she called me "crazy", it's gotten so bad that i've, hit him, pushed him, and thrown water at him, after it happens i usually cry and cry, because it scares me about how impulsive and i'm scared on day i could actually hurt him...oh and by the way, i'm only 16 years old.

Can someone tell me how i can stop my abusive tendencies??? :confused:

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Do you think being bipolar explains your behaviour? I understood that you got more abusive after the diagnostic... arent you being treated for this? your abusive personality got any better or it is just the way you are at the moment? Are you like this with everyone close to besides family? For me, someone who had and has suffered abusive behaviour, your post is hard to understand. I remember there were moments when I was being shouted at, insulted at that I lost control and reacted in a violent way-out of desperation, complete lack of control- Could you give a context to your actions?

please do not hurt anybody or yourself

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi AvenRoss, and right on Sofia :o

Are you not being treated for your bipolar disorder. By treated I mean both medication and psychotherapy.

When people are nasty to you it sets off your bipolar symptoms and then you get accused of being abusive and I believe that is what Sofia is pointing out and she is correct.

In order to control bipolar disorder it is important to reduce stress as much as possible. Now, I understand that you are onl 16 years old. Neither one of your parents understands what you are going through and neither one helps. In fact, they make it worse.

Is there some other place where you can live? It would be best for you if you kept away from both your mother and father, took your medicine, went to therapy and finished High School.

Can you move???

Allan :(

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