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I'm leaving on vacation in 2 days and i'm scared, it's just going to be me in my dad, and we were supposed to go to the beach but now my father is planning to visit my uncle and his family instead. The last time i visited my family (and my other uncle Randy) came to visit my father's personality totally changed, he started to ignore me and acting like he was 30 years younger. sometimes i feel like he wishes i didn't exist. and my uncle randy was totally not understanding when it came to my disorder and i happened to be going through a very bad spell of rapid cycling and paranoia. my uncle got so mad at me because i was angry that my father was ignoring me. he told me to "Just get over it!" and i was so angy i just told him to just go away. honestly if i could 'just get over' my disorder I WOULD! but i can't and it's a daily struggle just to come above the depression and the pain...

i'm worrid i'm going to have a falling out with my other uncle on the up coming vacation. What should i do, how do i explain why i act the way i do???


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