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Child abuse?


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I have been on the board here some weeks ago because I have been emotionally abused. He has two sons,10 and 13 years old. One day( two months ago) I saw that the 13 year old son watched a video/dvd that contained sadistic sexual humor, no one was naked in the movie and the movie was more like theatrical,like on a close stage), but it was clear sexual behavior where one woman was standing on her knees with leather tied up in her mouth and to the wall while another woman was touching her breasts!! I was in shock and told the father how he could let his sons watch that kind of movie. His answer was ahh, it´s only humor! Even they had clothes on and even it was the 13 year old sons dvd( I think it was) this can not possible be normal to let sons at this age watch? If children watch this kind of movies what will they learn to think,grow up to think this is normal?? I don´t think I overreact on this, please tell me this is not normal, I find it rather sick. Is this child abuse if the child choses to watch it himself? how can the father think this is ok? This can not possible be normal? I told his exwife this but now I feel confused. I think I did the right thing? and if the father should be angry for this isn´t he then even more abusive? I know that I would never let my children or any other child watch something like that. But since the father has told me things, what to do with me, then I guess he thinks its normal kids learn this too. Wouldn´t a normal father take the sons dvd away and throw it? The exwife was thankful I let her know about children and she also gave me information I need to hear, that he is not normal and when I told him he treated me very bad she could tell me he treated his children very bad. She said the last about children before I told about the dvd. If I remember correct.

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Guest ASchwartz


I already read your duplicate post in another forum here and, if you read it, you know that I am completely supportive of your stance on this issue. Good for you.

Allan :)

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