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Communication between Psychologist and Psychiatrist

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Hi all,

I have to see my psychiarist next week. Now he is unaware that the psychologist has diagnosed me with a personality disorder. Is it necessary or usual for the psychologist to write a report for the psychiatrist. I have no problem with this, but was wondering is this common practice for the doctor and therapist to be in touch with each other.

The psychologist has not mentioned this, but i was wondering if I should ask him for a report, the therapy we are using at the moment is cbt.

Thanks Goose

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Goose,

I can answer your question. Yes, it is common for the psychologist and psychiatrist to work together. In fact, it is higly recommended because teamwork is so important. However, your therapist must give you a "consent to disclose information" form for you to sign giving you permission. If he failed to do that, please remind him. He needs your permission to send any report about you to anyone, including the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist should get a signed copy of that consent.


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Thank you Allan.

Yes I did sign a consent form at my first visit, I will have to ask him again what it covered. I think it was only if he discovered evidence of abuse or was concerned about suicide. Thank you I feel more confident about discussing this with him now.:)


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