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Anger Management - Predatory People


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Anger management

By Peter J. Favaro

This book seems to have no reference to psychological disorders or anything clinical, yet seems to devote itself to common sense.....just as you would see value in Buddhist Teachings or The Golden Rules or whatever social mantras you devote yourself to.

These books on personal social engineering, do you feel they are flawed in anyway or very sound?

Personally, I think this book makes sense, but I find that people in general often take the adversarial approach in life......well, I've seen plenty of domestic violence and divorce, so I don't know.

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Well I haven't read the book, but anger is felt by anyone human, not just those with psychological disorder labels. Anything that gives productive insight is worth considering, in my "book".:) A friend of mine went to a workshop on anger and came home with several gems. My favorite was, anger is a natural response, but aggression is learned. The point there is that aggression is a strategy you learn from someone who was aggressive with you. It's a myth to think that is a "natural" response, and that we have to accept that behavior. Kind of challenging in a good way!

I'm sorry you've had to witness so much violence:(. Many, many people, when angry, do what was modeled to them to do, and don't think. There are many options in every situation, if you open your mind to them.

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Guest ASchwartz


"Finding" is right and right on target as usual. Thanks finding. :)

Someguy, these books are very useful and helpful as is Buddist teaching. Take a look at and read the article written by Dr. Elisha Goldstein. You will find him very helpful.


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