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I'm considered very weird. I'm 15 so the adolescence I know don't like me because I'm strange. Problem with that is that I have no one to talk to. What I really want to ask for help with is how to get a girl friend. Thing is I don't want to flirt with anyone because I want to just hook up with a girl one day respectfully. No flirting just like becoming a friend with a girl and letting it work its way up. Next thing is how to I even get a girl that is a friend. I never had a girl who is a friend who is my age, I don't no how to interact with women. I'm worried what they would think of me because my social life is already forsaken because I stay who I am. I'm just lonely and want someone to love and cherish and who will love me back with love and respect just as i would give them. I would appreciate the help.

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Hi Ob1one

I think that at 15 years old there is alot of finding out who you are, where you are going in life and finding someone along the way that is into what you are I know it is a lonely path until you find someone wheather it be a girl-friend or just a friend. I think in time it will find itself for you. Just my oppinion but I do think that when things are ment to be they will. :)

I remember I first met a "boy" friend at 16 and that relationship did help to create a real life for me. I related to this person and really it was a significant step in my life we dated 4 years, lived together and such. It was a huge personal step, "first love".

So what I am saying is that this step in your life could really be very close you need to be ready and when you are ready you will meet people naturally and the people along the way will eventually connect personally and then you will get a relationship started naturally and eventually get a "girl" friend.

If you find that you are lonely mabe try to focuse more on just finding a friend just someone to connect with to help fill up your emptyness. Mabe join a group or take a class in something you are interested in. Or even just coming here can help for you:)

Just my thoughts;)

Take care

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I can easily remember being 15, lonely and without a clue as to how to approach girls. It's fairly common, I think. You are not alone in feeling alone.

The principles of what attracts one person to another are pretty simple. It's executing them with authenticity that is difficult. In general people are attracted to other people who make them feel happy, who appear confident and together, and (at least some of the time) who have a high social status becuase of some combination of characteristics (e.g., beauty, athleticism, verbal or musical talent, money etc.). Of these three things, you cannot control the last, but you can control the first two.

Confidence in yourself is the most important thing. It's very hard to have that when you're young and in a school setting, becuase you tend to measure yourself against "popular" people and find yourself wanting. But the thing is that everyone has qualities that are worthwhile, and if you wait for other people to recognize those qualities you may wait a long time. Recognize what is good about you yourself and feel good about those things, even if they are weird or goofy. When you start to recognize what is genuinely good in yourself (e.g., when you respect and accept yourself ) and aren't an asshole about it, people will start to be attracted to you, or at least be receptive to getting to know you and it will become easier to make friends and ultimately to find a girlfriend.

Proximity to other people is important. People tend to become friends with people they see and interact with a lot. So - join clubs or teams or such and hang in there for a while. The longer you are around people, the more disposed they will be to become friendly towards you.

It's pretty hard to benefit from other people's experience, but if nothing else, take comfort in the fact that we older folk can relate to what you're going through (some of us having been there ourselves), and in the great likelyhood that this will work out for you over time in one fashion or another as it has for us.

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