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My Dreams


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My dreams...

A home in a nice subdivision, where:

1)you don't have to worry about stray cats and the neighbors' dogs pooping in

your own property.

2)you don't have to put up with inconsiderate neighbors who make noise even in the middle of the night because they're drunk

3)the streets are clean and poop-free and green trees are everywhere

4)there's better security around the subdivision

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I want to bring my little girl to Disneyland...

I want to travel with my husband and daughter around the country and/or the world.

I started playing the keyboard again. I want to become good at accompanying myself and others when singing. I plan to have my family and close friends over for regular sing-alongs.

I want to help my autistic brother by creating work for him somehow. I'm still thinking about that one.

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Interesting post! We had a dream at one time to come to the US and escape a dictotorship, so a plan was hatched late into the night. This is the model we followed and I've now followed for >50 years:

1) dream you dream

2) make a 3-5 year plan and stick to it

3) every day, engage in 3-5 behaviors that directly align with this plan (save $25-50 per week, look at homes evey day to keep your goal in mind, tape the picture of your ideal home to the fridge as a reminder, pick up an extra job of 3-5 hours per week, etc.)

4) find someone, a buddy, who will help you stick to your plan

It took us 11-13 years to do it. We came as migrant workers and picked cotton, grapes, onion, garlic, tomato, potato, lettuce, cabbage, and other foods. We lived in tents at the foot of the fields and bathed in man made canals. Soon we started in an American school. Over the decades, my family has produced an MD, ministers, several PHD's, and now our children are in graduate schools. One dream was never realized- my Uncle Enrique wanted to learn to read English at the 3rd grade level, but he died before his dream came true.

Dreams are dreams--- take the step forward and drag your family along. It took us 14 years to do this, and took me an additional 20 to reach my goals. God this sounds like a lifetime doesn't it???? My thinking is, in 15 years I can be here, or where I want to be, the time is still 15 years.

Start planning and good luck!

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my dreams

1. for my children to grow up, healthy, happy and safe

2. for my kids to achieve there dreams

3. for my babies never to be discouraged

4. for my angels to always be who they are

5. for my children to remain healthy, happy and safe throughout there adulthood

6. that may offspring, never forget how much there moma loves them and always will.

those are my dreams


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