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Saw Pdoc yesterday

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Well I saw my Psychiatrist yesterday. Well I saw one of his team, a registrar.

I attend a public facility for my Psychiatric care, the team have changed so it was a new doctor.

After chatting with me for a while she said that she was concerned about me, never asked her why. I think if it was the previous registrar that I have been attending for the past year , she would have seen an improvement in me.

She queried the fact that I was continuing to work when my concentration and memory is so poor. (About 50% according to my Psychologist). This memory problem is causing tension with my husband - but that is a post for another day. It also results in several burnt pizzas, and children left waiting for their lifts.:(

Any way I told her about the recent social phobia diagnosis, and she was at a loss to see how she could help me further apart from my current medication, she did offer me an anxiety management course.

So she more or less left it up to myself to decide when to come back to see her. I had been attending every 4 months so I decided to leave it 6 months this time with the option of bringing forward the appointment if necessary. I was surprised that I felt quite vunerable when I left, as if I was finding it difficult to break the dependance. She had offered me more valium but since I made my decision to trust in the cbt two weeks ago I refused.

I am not really asking any question here, but just find it helpful to write things down , trying to clear my head a bit.



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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Goose,

This is one of the things that bothers me about the way psychiatrists are trained today and I am not the only one with this concern. It is this: they are now trained to write prescriptions to treat symptoms and are no longer trained to be psychotherapists the way they were years ago. Psychiatrists i know have expressed the same concern to me.

Anyway, I think the class she mentioned would make sense for you. I wish there were a group therapy you could attend and/or individual, one on one psychotherapy.


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Thank you for your reply Allan. I am definately benefiting greatly at the moment from the individual CBT sessions I am having. I am lucky that I can afford to pay for private session. Health insurance here does not cover counselling of any sort, but they do partly cover visits to a Psychiatrist - something very wrong there I think. I have my name down for a Social Phobia group, but the waiting list is one year.

Goose :)

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Hello Goose, what do you think of carrying pen and paper with you to record the things you want to do? By keeping pen and paper around you like you would a driver's license, you can record ideas that come across your mind and return to them when you have a moment. This can keep you current on the things you want to do while capturing the ideas that seem to cross your mind. I keep pen and paper on my person throughout the day and write down ideas, concerns, or worries briefly in point form to think and marinate on later.

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