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It can at times be interesting because the system treats people with mental disorder different. The legal system does more damage than good. I don't like the system as a whole. Its different rules for people with mental disorders. Sometimes I feel like we are different because people see us as different. It can be difficult with society with people with mental illness because we are not understood by the normal people of society. Sometimes we have people that are welling to help out. It does hurt when you are mistreated and looked down on because you have a mental disorder or illness.

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If we woke up tomorrow and discovered that everyone was the same- race, color, culture, language, whatever.... within hours we would invent a new prejudice or reason to create artificial separations and ways to isolate someone or some group. It is an inescapable fact.

As a minority, I understand all too well what it feels like to be a 2nd class citizen. I still have those childhood images of being called racial names, being followed around in in stores b/c we were immigrants, people refusing to look us in the eye or even touch us, only being allowed to enter some homes from the back door, being told we would never amount to anything b/c we were dumb and spoke no English, the KKK actively marching against people like us...... the list is endless and these images are burned into our minds and hearts.

This is painful stuff Angel... and it goes to the very core of who we are. Our 2nd class citizenship may be generated by different means-- some from a mental illness, some b/c of their minority status, others for their sexual preference, and still others b/c they are in poverty. I would never minimize your experience or pretend it is the same as mine or that of others, I simply want you to know that I understand and know the feeling.

Stay strong and know that there are many here who understand!

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Guest ASchwartz

Welcome Rj and Angel.

Angel, I know that people with mental illness carry a stigma around with them. I do not believe this has to do with any "system." Rather, it is the attitude people have about those who are afflicted with a mental illness. This is a world wide problem that affects people in all nations.

I understand that your wife and family members have been affected by this prejudice against and misunderstanding of mental illness.

Can you tell us more about how you and your family have been affected by this problem?

Also, might there be some things that can be done to clear away this misunderstanding?

Rj, can you tell us more about your self??


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