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It's hard to make a first post in an otherwise empty space. You start thinking thoughts like, "Maybe no one is here" (which at the moment would be more or less true), and more to the point, "If no one is going to read or respond to what I have to say then why should I bother saying it?". Please rest assured that someone is here and will read what you have to say, and will respond as well.

This is going to be the General Support forum, a catch-all kind of place to post in when you aren't sure where else you might post something. If you arent' sure where else to say something, feel free to say it here. Start a new thread if you have a question or opinion or thought you'd like to have ohter people react to, or simply post a response to this post if that feels more right. Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Reiss and myself will be looking at anything posted here even if no one else shows up for a few days, so you'll have at least some psychologist-level attention for what that is worth.

Regarding the empty forums. I couldn't decide whether it would be better to start with only a few forums and grow from there (on the theory that fewer choices would be less lonely looking) or to populate a bunch of forums I thought we'd need in short enough order becuase they are topics people want to talk about. I ultimately went with the more forums solution, having to choose one of them. I'd love feedback as to how you (the brave first reader - grin!) would have set things up differently if that is the case.

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