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Sometimes you can see the road you are walking on knowing that you have walked this same path before and knowing the feelings are the same but yet you can't do anything different, I think about calling to chat to someone but then I say why bother all is the same, I need to ride it out, I'm kinda tired though not that it matters too much I flip around enough, but tonight I don't feel to well and I just think DAM! I hate this stuff. I don't want to go lower, but I can't feel to think to stop it. It has to either stop or not on its own. and really that is life and all within it.

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Hey nightfalls,

sounds like you're having a really bad time. I'm sorry to hear that. :(

You know, things can get better but you have to help yourself for that to happen.

Yes, I've been where you are - things don't seem so good, things don't appear to be changeable, it all just seems so hopeless.

But the real truth of all this from what I can tell is this: life is what you make it. No one can make you feel better, no one can do things for you to make you feel better, no one can change your thinking for you. These are all things that you have to decide to do for yourself.

Yes, you can get help with all this. You can have people being "cheerleaders" for you - your therapist, your friends, your family, us here on the forums. But until you decide that you're going to be a cheerleader for yourself, things are going to continue to seem hard and unchanging.

As I said, I've been down like you are and I know I'll be there again, but I have decided to make a concerted effort to try and fight these moods. I constantly battle my negative self-talk and sadness and it's never easy and I know for me it probably will never be over either.

You can do this, nightfalls. You can make changes for the better for yourself. You just need to decide that you're going to do it.

we're all here in the community for you, so let us know what we can do.

take care.

and be nice to yourself.;)

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Thanks confuzzed!

That is a nice post, very positive and motivation. I need to reminde myself this stuff, interesting how it can become forgotten so quickly when my mood go's low. I have made so many changes good things, but wow I found it hard and when you get tired and worn down you feel the emotions more I think. anyways thanks for the cheer of support.

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