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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Onlyhuman,

You ask a very meaningful question. I just want to remind you that, when you ask, "how do you say goodbye to an old friend (self cutting), that with such old friends, who needs enemies?

You are not only fighting an impulse but an addiction. It works like this. The self cutting sets off endorphines in your nervous system. Those endorphins are chemically similar to morphine and that is why they feels so good. Morphines are addicting and so are these endorphins. You cut because you are addicted. It is not the only reason for cutting but it makes it much harder to stop.

There are healthier ways to get the endorphins flowing and to become addicted in healthier ways. Some people become bicycle racers. runners, joggers, skiiers, etc. Exercise would serve the same purpose but would be good for you.

Also, medication that did not work when you were a teen might help now. Of course, I do not believe that anti depressants ever stopped cutting. However, Cognitive Behavior Therapy could really help in a big way.

Allan :)

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Hi Onlyhuman,

You have described Self harm perfectly. A love hate relationship with it > Once started , it is very difficult to break the cycle . Self Harm is thought of as a addiction because of the "feel good" qualites it has afterwards. As Allen had explained in his post. However, what happens is that in the body, the endorhines released afterwards , does not stay. Their is a high afterwards, but then it is gone later. As soon as anther incident occurs , such a a stressful event, the self harmer is more inclined to turn to Self injury again to cope , because he or she has learn to cope , a "quick fix" then instanly feels better at least for a little while. Thus the cycle of SI continues. SI by nature is an impulsive act. A lot of self harmers grab what their use to , to feel better , as soon as they can , instant relief. I have known people who SI to carry around their "things" so they can use it when needed , in their cars, at work, in the bathroom, under their pillow. Some have rituals to the SI , some take comfort having the SI tools always with them on them. Your not alone though, many self harmers are out there, and are fighting the urges all the time.

There are many reasons why SI, and it is always personal. Not the same fr everyone. It is though a way to cope. Finding positive ways to cope is the first step to stopping SI behaviors. However, it sometimes difficult to learn those on your own.

Therapy, and one that is really good is called DBT. About medications , sometimes a self harmer might be diagnosed with Depression, or something else that only makes it so much more harder for them to cope . However not all self harmers struggle with anything like that.

I reccomend Couenseling , and go from there. At least then you could talk to someone about how your feeling. A profeesional to help you work out your feelings and not take it out on yourself.

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