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Stressful frenzy over medical insurance :(


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Oh dear gosh almighy , I was up for a renewal on my health insurance and had to turn in all the necessary paperwork on Friday. Oh big deal right? Yes a very big deal. CAlifornia is in a huge financial budget crunch, slashing away services to the poor and needy , and all types of services !!!

I have 2 health care coverages . One is for low income. I did not want a share of cost , because It is ridicuous to pay out of my pocket for medical expenses and all that , $100 extra a month if not more. My son too was on the line. I also recieve in home support services , where someone comes in and helps us with cleaning, transporation, grocery shopping, and things of that nature, because i do not leave the house , and stuff. My son has that too.

I found out I was to lose my therapist if I lost my medical coverage :mad: Therefore , I was stressed to the hilt , and YES , took it out on anther post . Sorry . I have seen this therapist for years, and I do not like change, all I could see was a LSW!!! No way would this work for me. I am also one that needs answers , and it drives me nuts not to no , especially when it come to something that will effect my future well being as well as my child.

FINALLY, I had to call the worker back today, NO share of COST, I did not lose the Medical , my Son did not lose his Medical either. THanfully.

Sometimes I just hate it to have to stress over minor crap like this, however, it was NOT minor> Huge to me, and what what I have done if I could not see my therapist anymore???? CAlifornia SUCKS right nOW !!! it is hard living here . :mad:

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Hi mscat.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a stressful time. Sometimes we feel that we are managing fine and along comes a stressor to prove us wrong.

I think (from my own experience) that we can always be on edge when you have someone in your life with special needs. You can never completely relax, I know with my son you can never know what he will do next. I was sitting here typing on the computer and out of the corner of my eye I see him on the roof of the garage - at 16 years of age you would think he would have grown out of climbing on everything.:eek:

It is a worry when you are threatened with the loss of benefits that you depend on. I hope it is now fully resolved for you.

Take care.


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Thank you goose for your kind response. Your son is the same age as my son. I have to ask, what was he doing on the roof? :) I started to chuckle reading that your boy climbed up on the roof , perhaps his football or something was up there? Teens , gosh you never know what their up to really ! Especially boys>

Yes , my medical has been thankfully resolved . I am relieved to have found out just yesterday I was not cut off, nor do I have any share of cost ! Thank god . I was extremely upset about the thought of losing the therapist I have seen for years. I was not going to began over again , and would resolve to just not talking to anybody at all. Thankfully , that it is not a issue anymore.

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Glad to hear things have been resolved.

My son climbed onto the garage roof again today, I figured he just found it easier to get into the carpark that way than actually unlocking the back gate. Logic never comes into it where he is concerned. I will tell him not to do it again, which he wont, but he will surely find something else to shock me with.

I only tell my husband about 50% of what he gets up to, its easier that way.

My son has disproved the theory that adhd children calm down as they get older. (sigh!)

All the best.


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