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Isn't that rude?


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I don't know, I'm probably having an obsessive thought right now.

Isn't it rude when you don't even acknowledge someone who sms you or e-mail you? Because how will it be known that you got their message if you don't let them know? And I don't care how busy we all are, but aren't we suppose to do that little thing? It's supposed to be the decent thing to do, and if you don't do that, what does that say of you?

And I'm talking about people you know personally and who you expect to hear from, like the godmother of your own child.:)

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Well, one possibility that occurs to me is that they didn't receive the message yet?

Another, though it is rude, as you say, is that I may not respond to people pinging me when I'm depressed or cranky. I may figure they're better off if I don't respond at those times.

I guess what I'm saying is, it often helps to put yourself in the other person's place. It helps to keep you from jumping to conclusions, and then tormenting yourself with the results. :-)

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Well, an update...I sms her and she replied, saying that she has been receiving my e-mails. But she didn't explain why she hasn't responded to them. So I sms her, saying I thought my e-mails weren't getting thru because I haven't heard from her. So far, she hasn't replied to that.


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