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Hi All,

I had been on Luvox for almost 11 years and just recently had to get off (no longer available in the country I am living in). I was diagnosed with OCD in college (purely obsessional, no compulsions) and, despite a few peaks and valleys, generally seemed to be doing ok on the Luvox. Because the medication is no longer available here where I live I was not able to wean myself off properly which led to a couple of weeks worth of withdrawal symptoms (dizziness, lightheaded, etc...) Those symptoms seem to have passed (thank goodness!) but lately I have been feeling very anxious at work and at home. I seem to always feel on edge and I have been very irritable and now have a short temper (not my personality). I have been off the meds for 3 weeks and am wondering if these are typical withdrawal symptoms? I haven't been to a doc in a long while (the country I am in now doesn't require prescriptions) but am going to make an appointment with one recommended by the local US embassy. Is there anyone else out there that has experienced these symptoms? Anyone have any success coming off of Luvox for good?

Thanks in advance for all your support!


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Hi apb1176; welcome to our community,

I cannot comment on the medication or symptoms you've experienced, but I do want to say that going to see a psychiatrist for help with OCD symptoms makes a lot of sense, especially if you have not seen a doctor in a while and need to go with an entirely new medication regime. A few different families of medication are used to treat OCD, incuding anti-depressants SSRIs (like Luvox), anti-anxiety medications, and also some antipsychotic medications. all of these options come with their own pros and cons (side effects). It's a very specialized area, and it makes sense to work with a specialist.

Good luck!


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I had horrible withdrawal from a low dose of Paxil, another SSRI, taken for a short time. I agree it would be wise to consult an expert in this type of medication. Once I recovered from the withdrawal symptoms - nausea, sweating, dizziness, almost indescribable sick feeling - they never came back. I have taken almost all SSRIs but Luvox, am off all of them now, and never had any withdrawal from any of them but Paxil. Of course it is possible I had something else going on with me coincidental to my very gradual tapering off of the Paxil.

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