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Using Weaknesses as Strengths


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I'm not really sure of the appropriate place to post stuff like this, so I put it here.

Occasionally thoughts such as this just pop in my head and I wonder about them. This idea is something I've thought about before. Sometimes our weaknesses can be used as strengths. Like for me...I have a tendency toward obsessive behaviors sometimes. But at my place of employment this trait is wonderful, even advantageous, to have. I work in a store and it must be kept neat and orderly at all times. So I can be a good employee by straightening all of the labels and making everything perfectly lined up on the shelves. When I first walk in the door for a shift everything that is out of place just "sticks out" and I want to fix it. It gives me a healthy outlet to use this obsessive tendency that I have. I think it also speaks to balance and that everything has a place and a purpose sometimes...even our weaknesses. So I try to save that for work where it is really useful. Anyone else?

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Guest GingerSnap

My major coping skill is keeping busy to no end. I get so much done in just every venue of my life. So, this appears to be a better coping skill than sitting in a lump because no one, I don't think, knows that I am coping with anything out of the usual. I walk my dog for blocks, garden and preserve, crochet, sew and renovate the house. I sleep good and that really is a major key to feeling better. This all has a payback of accomplishing things in spite of the "gray cloud".

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