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am learning more about my family...


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...and in doing so, have discovered that almost all of my aunts and uncles have some sort of 'mood problem' and are getting help for it. Have also been informed that there have been suicides in the family. i learn this stuff from my brother (who knows he has depressive episodes - and possibly manic ones, too). My sister has depression as well and is being treated.

i have nieces and nephews by both my brother and my sister. So here's what i've done...as i am very careful about who i want to know about my bp diagnosis...as far as family goes, i have only told my brother and my mother. i'm pretty sure my brother has talked to his wife about it but it goes no further - that i am aware of. they are concerned that one of their kids may already be exhibiting signs of bipolar.

i have not told my sister...yet. if she finds out, the whole family will know about it and even my step-dad. That would be very, very bad. but now i feel that she has a right to know so that she can accurately monitor her own children for this disorder...or at least be more aware of the depressive traits.

i've made sure that, if i die tomorrow, my last letter to the family explains everything and even mentions to watch the children. HOWEVER, i am wondering if i should let my sister in on my secret sooner rather than later?

ps...i know i don't post very often. i do care about people but am not very good at saying the right thing so i don't reply to many posts. sorry.

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