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Cutting Feels So Good:(


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I am sorry you are having a difficult time today too. I understand the chalenges Self injury is to people who do it. I have some problems with SI myself.

The reason why SI feels so good is that their is a release of chemicals in the body , endorphins. These chemicals in the body send off a "feel good" response to the brain and body , only for a short time. When people engage in self injury , and find out that is can help release the feel good chemicals, even if it is for a short time, it is very hard not to continue the behavior next time.

Therfore a cycle of self injury occurs. This is why Self injury is know to some people as an addiction. Making it very hard to stop self harming. Their is usually a trigger that happens with a person, a stressful event, unexpressed feelings, becomming angry or upset with oneself, and instead of dealing with those emotions , it becomes taken out onto the body.

Does this sound familar to you ? Self harm is a personal thing to those who engage in the behaviors . It is not the same for everybody. Everyone who self harms as their own reasons why it works for them , and what triggers them into the SI.

What happened to make you feel like you needed to Self injure? Can you tell us in here?

Are you taking care of your cuts? If they are serious and require medical care, then please get it. Take care of the injuries first please.


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Yes Sounds Very Familiar To Be Honest... I Relive Alot Of My Past And Worry About My Future Alot.. Sometimes I Just Cut , Burn & Stitch Just Thinking About It... I Cut Today Cuz I Saw A Pic Of The Person Who Used To hurt Me Alot... & I Was Told To kill Myself By A Few People Online & A Person I live With At The Moment Gave Me Directions To A Bridge... He Said he Was Kidding... But I Don't Take It like That:'( Males Scare the Crapola Out Of Me:(.. I Never Take care of My Cuts I Wait For Them To Scab And I Peel Then/ Pick Them Off.. I Love to Bleed Thats WHen I Know I Did A Good Job On Feeling Better:(I'm Just Sick Of Living Just A Feeling I Have Today & Most Other Days As Well.. Do you Injure Yourself Alot???

Take Care,

Xo BabyGirl

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