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I am new to this community and I am struggling with an issue. I believe that someone in my family is a pedophile. i was told by my sister in law that when she was young her father put her hand on his penis when she was in his bed around 9 years old. She says that nothing else happened. I have a 4 year old daughter and I cringe at the thought of him hugging her or her spending the night with her grandparents. I could not live with myself if something happened to her while there with him. My dilemma is if this should be brought up in the family for my daughter and niece's sake? How can I change my opinion of this man now that I now that he could violate his daughter's innocence. You see what makes it worse is that it all happened when the mother was in a hospital for a breakdown.

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:eek: that's a crappy situation!

On the one hand, if you do anything, you will be sticking your hands into a beehive - people are going to polarize and get upset and bridges may burn.

On the other hand, you MUST keep your child away from this possible source of abuse, or else satisfy yourself that your sister-in-law was lying and that it didn't happen. Your child's grandparent may not be a pedophile wholely, but if the event described took place the way your sister-in-law says it did, there is real cause for alarm and reason to not allow unsupervised contact.

Brace yourself for the stings and do what is necessary to protect your child.

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