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Hi, just venting


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If it's not enough that I felt that my friends abandoned me, I feel that my own 1st cousin only gets in touch with me when she needed something. For instance, a few weeks ago, she borrowed our food warmers for a party they were having then. She hasn't returned them since. She didn't even say thank you. And the way she asked for them really gets to me. I was just happened to be surfing the net and she was online so she messaged me. And she didn't even say hi or anything like that, she went straight to the point. And after I said that she could drop by the house to get the food warmers, she just went offline, just like that! I'm sorry, but in my book I call THAT rude!:mad:

Just venting...

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yes it was rude ! I hope you will get your foodwarmers back . You behaved kindly towards her, and in return she was not even thankful.

It seems to me like family members are the worst offenders when it comes to taking advantage of someone:( Yes, it feels awful, then it makes you think twice about ever wanting to help them again. What if the tables were turned? Would your cousin help you if you needed something ?

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I know how you feel! I tend to accumulate people like this in my life. I wish I had some useful advice!! I don't have any friends any more, either... and almost no family. I think maybe you could email her and explain your feelings in a non-angry way?

Sorry I'm not of much help, I'm terrible with people, but I sympathise!!


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