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Fear Of Men..


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I Don't Know How To Get Over My Fear Of Men:(... Even Online I'm Scared To Death Of Them.. If I Know They're Male.. I Have Panic Attacks If I Get Messaged Or If They TryTalking To Me... I See Males InPerson that Walk By Me And I Cry Espcally If They Stare At Me.. I'm Afrad That They AreGunna Kidnap Me Or Rape Or Touch Me Where I Don't Want Them To... Soo Soo Many Reasons:(.. Dealing With Men Hurtin me At A Very Early Age And Just Now Getting Over Those Men Hurtin Me For The 16 Years Of My Life Has Been The Worse Thing Ever.. I'm Now 17 Hasn't Even Been A Yr Sense I've Been Free Yet And Im Soo Afraid That Everyone Bad.. I Just Want To Be A Normal Girl My Age & I Know I Never Will Be.. I Try To Be Nice When Men Online Message Me But All I Do Is Cry After I Reply Thinking I Deserve Everything Men Have Givin To Me Over The Years... I've Even Had Problems With A Female Hurting Me.. I Just Dunno What To Do... I'm So Sorry..

Take Care,

Xo BabyGirl

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I don't think it's so much being afraid of men, but being afraid of predatory behavior.


I find that people often think with impulsive acts dependent upon their feelings. It's a question of being around cognitive or visceral types of people. I've known people that are chronically angry, and frankly I just think they're toxic to my being.......they just end up being contemptuous and narcissistic.

In this video, if you find this disturbing, well I find it disturbing too. Predatory people seem to want you to feel the same anger they feel. They want you to feel the same passions they feel....and if you don't, you're lessor then them and deserve all the contempt they can muster.

What? I don't see the logic in it, especially from a teacher.

Basically, I don't believe it's so much men, but the behavior and aggression they exhibit. I certainly don't believe in that behavior.

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