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dont' know what to do


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My daughter who is 34 yrs of age, lives with me, my ex husband and my grandson that is her son that is 12 yrs. old. She just got out of rehab for depression and is also bipolar. I don't know how to handle the situation.

She is taking quite a bit of medication and is a sleep alot. Her medications that she is taking has been very expensive. She doesn't have a prescription program. She is on disability. She was threatening suicide as well as using a controlled substance. Although, this is the first time she has been on medication for bipolar, other than what she has taken by mental health. She is on something that starts with a laci??? for biopolar. If I disagree with something that is that she wants to do, she still jumps all over me. I am scared of what to say and not to say. I want to help her but she takes everything I say or do as judgmental and she has also said that I am going to cause her to kill her self. What do I do?????

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Hi PJallen

The Medication you will find is called Lithobid.

If your daughter is jumping down your throat all the time and thinking that your Judemental, then you clearly want to state to her who's house it is? I suffer myself with Manic Depression, Bipolar, whatever you want to call it! She has got to learn how to control it? Otherwise, your going to live your life, walking on egg shell's?

Maybe you should have a word with her Psychiatrist, or better still, phone the rehab where she has just been discharged from. Tell them your a bit concerned about her behaviour towards you and the rest of the family.

What does her son think about this. Her behaviour I mean. It must be upsetting to hear his mum talking like this, and no matter what she is suffering from, she shouldn't be talking like that in front of her son anyway!

I would mention this to her Psychiatrist and let him be the judge of her behaviour. You want to explain that unless she control's her depresive state, then your likely to kick her out on the street and refuse to pay for her med's.

She got two option's then? She either has a bit of respect or, she's out on her arse! The ball's in her court then!

Good luck!

Paula x

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I would suggest calling the rehab.. the Physciatrist that did the prescribing probiably works there.... But if someone called my Physc... I would get real pissed. Matter a fact someone did and I barely talk to her any more.. I do not trust her.

How long has she been on the meds?? Have they had time to kick in yet?? Is she getting any after care support for her addiction? Was she forced in to rehab?? ( did you make her go to rehab? )

Not a doc eitheer... Just alcohlic/biploar ( and yep very angry defensive person ... but I do not live with my Mom... so my house my rules!!! )


P.S. I do agree that she can control some of her behavior if she wants to.

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Sos about the colour, will do something about it now, will change!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, it really helped. As you can see through going through the post, been having a bit of a rough time of late. On one of my downer's. You get the jist!

Well I think I've been taking it out on the wrong people. At the time I was just thinking negative (ignored). The more Mark replied to my post with what I called sarcastic remark's, the more vexed I became. Then to top it all, I thought Natalie was having a go also. I fely like I was pissin against the wind! There was only Allan who had a good word, and do you know, this wasn't about him either?

Well must do the woman thing and go and dish out my appologies! I know it's my own fault! But you try telling my brain that, especially when I'm going through one of my down swing's. You know the script don't you? Just hope Mark, Natalie & poor Allan does!

Never mind! No rest for the wicked and the good don't want any! Ha!

Take care


P.S Is that any better

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I am far from being an expert on anything..... but I do that sometimes too.. I tend to take everything anyone says to me as critisimn ( I cannot spell today!!!) Sometimes I just have to stop... like I did this morning and go do something else and come back and look at it later......

I value everyones opinion.... but that is all it is is an opinion.... and they do not have to agree with me! ( Although they should!!!! LOL:D)

A lot of times people say things that make me think and sometimes I end up changing MY opinion!!!!

Thanks for the color change!!!! Hang in there!!!


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