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help my sister is lost

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my sister i think (am pretty sure) has schizophrenia. Her husband had her hospitalized first they were going through a divorce and we thought this was his way of making sure he got the kids. then after she came to stay with my parents we started seeing things for ourselves was making comment's like she would not allow the kids to take dumb dumb suckers from the bank because it was a plot to make you dumb. I eventually had her put in the hospital again. and this time they sent her some were else other than the local hospital facility. Of course she thought i did this because she pulled my hair during one of the strange things she had been doing. while she was in the hospital none of us (her family) could find out anything about her treatment or diagnosis. then they let her back out and (after living in her car for a while because she douse not trust any of us) she came to stay with my parents again. she still was making strange comments and stayed mostly to herself . She makes a lot of references and comments also of a religious nature also. she will not eat hellmans mayonnaise because it has the word hell in it, but she does like angle food cake etc. She has lost custody of her kids and just seems to have no sense of reality at all. she did get a job and we were hoping she would be OK. as long as she stayed at my parents and kept working and just taking care of herself. and then she had what i can only describe as a meltdown. She wrote my dad a letter saying that she wanted him to stop drinking and smoking in his own house (he is retired and disabled from military)because her body was a temple of god and he was killing it. well when she got home from work she asked if he had read her letter and dad told her he had and that it was his home and he could do what he wants .well she did not like this and walked over to him and poured his beer on him and started to hit my father dad did not want to hit her so he just held her back with his arm stretched out and she started hitting him with her belt mom kept trying to pull her off of my dad and she would fight with her she kept going back and forth from mom and dad until the police got thereby that time dad had her on the ground and was just holding her there. they put her back in the hospital and she was out again in a week. now she is sleeping in her car again in the parking lot of her job. these are the things i am worried about 1)she does not know she is sick. 2)we cannot get her help because she is a 38 year old adult and unless we can pay a lawyer (that we don't have money to do )to get guardianship over her we have no rights at all to help her. 3) she has only been out a week and a half and yesterday she assaulted her ex husbands girlfriend.and before she assaulted by parents she was upset with a co worker because he was getting headaches and when they went away she would get them so she thinks he is giving her his headachs.4)she will end up hurting someone really bad and end up in prizon.5)she will end up dead. the reason i titled this my sister is lost is because none of this is the sister i grew up with she was smart ,carring,logical and the best mother and wife you had ever seen. how can i find her again and help her.

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Hi Migen68

I agree with Merits. But I can say this. If you love your sister like you say you love her then, just be there for her, if and when she needs you. That will mean more to her than anything.

I know it's hard for all of you to just stand there and watch your sister acting the way she is, but think of how she must feel? It must be so frustrating for her too! The way she is feeling at the moment is, thinking that all of you are the one's with the problem's?

The way she is looking at it and also trying to understand is: that there is some form of demon that is trying to transform everyone and everything that she's ever loved to be like them. By not doing as she asks, she could be feeling that she's losing her loved one's.

That's how I'm reading between the lines anyhow? I could be wrong?

Obviously, she needs Medication to help her get back to reality! If she won't take it then you've got to abide by her wishes. Eventually, she will what I call Crack! Have a Mental breakdown. It will be from then on that she will need your help! That's when she will need all the help that she can get and that's when, you've all got to be there for her.

For the time being, you've got to think of your sister as being ill. She doesn't know what she is doing? As you mentioned previously, that is not your sister, not your real sister. The one whom every one loves.

I'm sorry that I can't be of any help. I wish I could! Just a few words to help you on your way!

I believe that every thing happens for a reason,

People change, so that you can learn to let go,

Things go wrong, so that you appreciate them when they're right,

You believe lies, so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself.....

And sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.

Paula x:confused:

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