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I'm hearing so many voices inside my head..please help


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:mad::confused::(:eek:I cant take it anymore. I've been diagnosed with DID but it seems as if everything became so pronounced since. I hear multiple voices in my head I cant think straight when they all talk at once. I get these terrible migranes. I'm looking for a therapist who specializes in DID, but I haven't found one yet who takes my insurance, my psychiatrist only prescribes zoloft for my depression and trazadone for my severe insomnia. The zoloft works fine for the depression but at times I still have suicidal thoughts. Has anyone ever been through this or know any good DID therapists in NYC to recommend to me. Thank you anything will help right now.

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I am not a resident of NY or NYC, but I can provide you with some leads. Please understand that I am not specifically recommending these therapists, as I do not have any direct experience with them. However, they are worth checking out (and asking around about).

For starters, I looked at the Manhattan Psychological Association. I don't know where you are in NYC... You can access their list of therapists here: [url=http://www.cyberpsych.org/cgi-bin/mpa/mpa.cgi?db=mpa&uid=default]http://www.cyberpsych.org/cgi-bin/mpa/mpa.cgi?db=mpa&uid=default[/url


I dug around a bit more and found one person in particular who seems to have expertise in DID: http://www.cyberpsych.org/cgi-bin/mpa/mpa.cgi?db=mpa&uid=default&sb=4&so=ascend&Validated=Yes&Clinical=Personality%20Disorders&view_records=1&nh=4&mh=1

Perhaps she knows of someone else who can help you if she cannot.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Dear Multipleme,

in addition to a program of meds, therapy, and possible lifestyle changes outlined by a good doctor that you will hopefully find soon, here's one hybrid technique that is fairly fast acting in many cases. It attempts to calm everything down by simultaneously taking control of your physiology using a relaxation technique, your cognition using a technique from EMDR, and your emotional state via imagining talking to your therapist or someone similar:

Lay down flat on your back in a quiet and safe place. Relax all the muscles in your body. Begin deep belly breathing. The part of your belly about 2" below your belly button should rise with each deep breath. Hold this deep breath for about two seconds, then exhale slowly, and continue repeating this. This should calm your physiology down quite a bit and your emotional and mental experience may begin to calm with it.

At the same time that you are doing the belly breathing, pick a spot on the ceiling above your bed that is in the far left hand field of vision and another diametrically opposite to it in your far right hand field of vision. With every breath in, moving only your eyeballs, look at the spot that you have selected on the right and then the spot you have selected on the left. Do the same for the held breath and the same again for every breath out. It is crucial that you not only focus visually on the spots, but also attentionally - with the most powerful effort to focus your attention that you have ever mustered.

In addition to this, if you believe in God or if you only have a favorite most trusted person of all time in your life (or you could even choose your new doctor) - pray to them/ or talk to them out loud as if you were talking to them in the room. Describe your feelings to them in great detail without getting into thoughts or commentary on your life, what the voices are saying, etc. Just describe your feelings while the person you have chosen listens to you sympathetically. Ask God or your trusted friend to be with you in your time of need and to take care of you until you are calm again.

The voices may continue for awhile. They may cause you distress for awhile. Beyond the excercise above, do not reject or fight them - nor welcome them or feed them in any way. Just let them talk themselves out on their own.

I hope this works. Let me know if you like the technique!

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