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Funeral Waiting To Happen


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I've had depression since I was about 5 or 6. But back then they didn't know what it was so I've been left to rot with it along with some physical health problems they also didn't know much about.

We didn't know much about anything back then. We don't know much about anything today. Not just the medical/mental health care professional...but all of society. We have developed some fancy titles to call things...but that's about it. We as a society might learn the titles...but we don't learn what they mean or what life is like for someone who lives with this fancy named disease or disorder.

Next thing you know I'm in my early 30's & diagnosed with clinical major depression. Why? An inherited illness? A chemical imbalance of the brain? A pill is going to fix this? I've tried several...they don't help. Why?

Maybe it has nothing to do with inherited illnesses or chemical imbalances of the brain & everything to do with life. Child abuse & neglect...that's never ended. Poverty. Health problems. Divorce. Sudden deaths. Plus abuse & neglect from doctors or gov't & state help agencies & orgs ALL supposedly around to help people in need. I think depression comes from knowing some people got it good...some people got it bad. When you've got it bad there is no help which leaves you a funeral waiting to happen.

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You are one of I would guess millions who if they read your post they would perfectly, simply, and sadly see on their screen words that they have never spoken, but lived, and died inside daily trying to understand, and get their "local med tossing psychiatrist to understand for the better part of their lives. I am your post. Peace,J.:(

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Welcome. I think you will find a few kindred spirits here. People contemplating suicide and wishing their depression wasn't so hard to shake.

You're contemplative. and angry. That anger I hear a lot. Maybe anger isn't quite the right word - but something in that spectrum. A feeling that the people who are supposed to help are pretentious bumblers - emperors without clothes. Obviously you've been on medications for depression and have not felt they helped you much. May I ask what other forms of treatment for your depression you've explored? A reasonable summary of what is available can be found in our Major Depression topic center.


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