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Parents: HOW do you take care of yourself when your kids need you?


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Some of you may have noticed from some of my posts that I have really been struggling with depression lately. I keep thinking the fog has to lift soon but its been over a month and I just keep sliding deeper. Several of my friends have suggested I go IP. Several times I have come VERY very close to giving in to suicidal thoughts. (Most of the time, I end up cutting instead.) It has been clear to me for a couple of weeks that IP is probably the best thing for me, but there is simply no way for that to happen. I have two kids with medical issues. Both have appointments with specialists coming up. And, I am a single mom and their dad is only a weekend dad- he wants no real responsibility. So, even if it is my best interest to go IP, I just don't see how it is possible.

I am wondering, from other parents, especially single parents, HOW do you get the care you need for yourself when your kids need you?

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I have just joined this post and as in my post I have been, and am going through these things I can not reccomend what each individual situation requires but I can honestly tell you There are other people hurting right next to you, you are not alone and I am sure you know that but a person to acknowledge the true validity of your confusion and pain, may not lift one ounce of your pain, but maybe start you towards unraveling some of your own personal hell. Peace J.

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I think you are a really wonderful parent for thinking of your children first. I understand what it is like to want to hide your emotions to protect others, but sometimes I think it can have a negative affect. Especially on you. I certainly am not an expert but I do feel like I can relate to you very much. Depending on the age of your children maybe it could help to educate your children on what is going on? It's just that I'm sure your family and friends love you a great deal and it may benefit everyone including you especially to not distance yourself from them in your time of depression. If you can explain your feelings in a way that is not all totally negative it might also help your outlook on things. Whatever you decide you know you can feel good about the decision because you know your heart is in the right place. Try not to feel guilty about your current state of sadness, you must be a good mom and a good friend for caring so much and trying to protect them, but you don't have anything to protect them from when it comes to your feelings. It is a normal human emotion no matter how bad it feels. I hope this helped somewhat even though it's just one opinion. It's good that you came to this site, you don't have to put on your happy face here.:)

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