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no way out

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One thing you can do is to explore local community based resources for abused and battered women, such as a local battered women's shelter. You may not be being physically beaten on at this time (which is a good thing), but by your own definition, you are still being abused. Such facilities often have support groups and will be able to help somewhat with regard to answering the question of "where can I go when I have no resources?". They will at least be very familiar with helping women in abusive situations to answer that question.

If the thing that is keeping you in this relationship is a lack of money, and if you are not in urgent need of leaving him, then you maybe have time to figure out a plan for finding work and earning the money you need to leave. Not that this is a simple task by any means, but women before you have found ways to do this when they needed to do it.

Does anyone reading this have any suggestions, or comments to make for Edel based on their own experience?


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