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My therapist wants to charge me more


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My therapist called me today while I was at work to inform that she just found out that she does not take my insurance. Before we began I gave her all my insurance information and she assured me that she accepted it. I have had several sessions with her and I already opened up and revealed lots of personal details. Why is she telling me this now?

I was very depressed before I began with her and I feel just recently that I have gotten some very good benefit from working with her. But now she says I must pay fee I can't afford if want to continue. Does this seem fair? I never would have started with her if I knew she does not take my insurance. Shouldn't she have to take some responsiblity for the fact that she told me she accepts my insurance? I feel abandoned, screwed over and very angry. Now I either have to pay more than I can afford or start looking for a new therapist and start all over again explaining all my crap to some other psychologist.

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In the past I had another bad experience like this one where the therapist was unable to continue treating me after I had invested myself in the process for several months. Is this common?

Having these bad experiences makes me think the whole thing is a sham. If the person treating you doesn't actually care about you how can you trust them?

Rationally I don't think it was intentional that she got the insurance mixed up. But part of me can't help but feel rejected. Especially after I spilled my guts for a number of sessions.

I don't feel like I can trust psychologists after this.

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