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am I a pedophile?


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I have removed my posts in this thread because there are dangerous psychologically damaging things in here and nothing should be read by anybody who isn't a trained mental health professional. Sorry to all this has affected.

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Thanks for your question. I know it must take a lot of courage to ask about this subject. I will give you the technical answer: according to the DSM (the diagnostic manual that mental health professionals use), a person would be diagnosed with pedophilia if

1) for at least 6 months, they had recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a child

2) the person has acted on these urges, or these urges or fantasies cause intense distress or interpersonal problems

3) the person is at least 16 and least 5 years older than the child.

So, according to the information you provided, your feelings when you were 15/16 were not "technically" pedophilia. It is a bit of a gray area and depends on your level of maturity at the time, as well as how old the children were to whom you were attracted.

Your situation now may be a bit different. If you are having intense fantasies about having sex with children, and have been repeatedly acting upon those urges (many clinicians would say that masturbating to these images is acting upon those urges) for longer than six months, you may indeed have this diagnosis. If it is an isolated incident, then you would not have this diagnosis.

Even if it isn't repeated behavior, however, and it bothers you, I would seek out a psychotherapist that could help you deal with these issues. I would also seek help immediately if you find yourself seeking out ways to actually have sex with children as opposed to looking at images. Sexual experiences can be damaging for young children on many levels... they are not emotionally and cognitively mature enough to handle this type of experience, and they need to be protected as much as possible.

Could you provide us with some more information about yourself?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Scared,

"Acting on these urges" means actually touching and doing things. You do not want to go there. I agree with Natalie and want to encourage you to seek help immediately.

I have no way of knowing if you have schizophrenia or not but it is clear that you really must seek help in order to get the correct diagnosis and the proper help that you need. In light of the question about schizophrenia I want to encourage you to see a Psychiatrist. A psychiatrist can do a diagnosis and if you have schizophrenia will start you on the correct medications.


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Guest ASchwartz


There are some therapists who will not see a person until they are free of drug abuse. I do not agree with this policy but that is my opinion.

I know that there are other therapist, whether they are drug counselors or any other type, who will see people even if they are still using.

Please understand that I think it is essential that you stop using and stop immediately. There are detox programs, there are out patient drug programs and there is psychotherapy and there is always AA and that type of thing.

You need to do things for yourself and not wait. Find another therapist, one who will see you now and find a drug treatment program.

What drugs are you abusing?


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I would advise you to make sure that your psychiatrist (or the dr that prescribed the antidepressant and antipsychotic) knows that you are using/abusing substances. Sometimes the combination of different types of drugs (even ones that you have gotten a prescription for) can be seriously dangerous!!!!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Scared,

There is no question that abusing drugs makes it extremely difficult for a psychiatrist to do a correct diagnosis. In addition, the combination of drug abuse and medication can sometimes be dangerous to health. Most certainly, drug abuse negates the effectiveness of psychotropic medications.

I agree with your decision to not use drugs. Two months will give you a chance for your body to get free of drugs.

But, can you really stay free of drug abuse for two months??


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Well what do I think? I'll tell you what I think shall I!

I think it's to much of the LSD your having (ACID TABS). It's messing with your feelings. It's also, mashing your head up!

I think that your just curious! Curious of not knowing how it feels to have sex with a child? Curious of not knowing what rush you'll get at the prospect of having sex with a child! Curious of how your going to feel afterward's when you've ruined that child's life, forever. And you know what curiosity did to the cat! Don't you? Well find out because I'm not telling you!

People always want, what they cannot have? I'd say, get a grip! And sort your life out before you lose it totally!

The first thing you need to do is get off the Acid! And seek Medical Help! For your own good!


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I have removed my posts in this thread because there are dangerous psychologically damaging things in here and nothing should be read by anybody who isn't a trained mental health professional. Sorry to all this has affected.

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Hi Scared

To be honest, I don't think you know what to do? Like I said previously, Your curious of the outcome of it and in the next breath, You couldn't imagine yourself even going there? Am I right or not?

The problem is, is that your head's that mashed up at the moment, that you don't know whats real and what isn't? Is it you thinking these thoughts of having sex with a child or is it your feelings playing havoc with you. You just don't know do you?

I suspect that at the moment your head is all over the place, yeah! Well you know why that is don't you? Because you have been playing with fire!!! (mixing drugs) and you know what they say if you mess with fire!!! Then you are going to get burnt!!!!! Or rather your heading that way!!

You have got to trust your instincts on this one and walk away while you can. Otherwise your going to get in that deep that there's no getting out. Am I making myself clear. I hope it's crystal clear, the way I'm coming across.

There's only one winner in this world, and I'm afraid it's not going to be you!


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Hi Scared

Cheers for getting back!

Can I ask you something? Are these your thought's or your Dream's?

Obviously, going of your previous post's, you fantasize a lot about having sex with children. What has brought these fantast's on in the first place? There's got to be a reason that you are thinking these thought's.

I know that you said previously, That you was involved in drug's (acid). How long was you taking them? You see, that can have a massive affect on the Mental State of your Mind to begin with.

There's got to be a root to this problem surely. You've tried to tell us how you feel about this problem, but how do you feel? Really! Be Honest!

Everyone has Fantasies, but not to the extreme that you are facing!

Do you trust yourself! That is the biggest issue that you've got to face.

Only you knows what you are capable of doing, and if you think that you are capable of committing this crime, then I suggest that you seek medical help immediately. For your own good as well as that of other's!

What you've got to do is think back, to the first time that you had these thought's. When was it? was it whilst I was off my head? was it when I first started taking drug's? or was it an incident that occurred with a child, that caused me to have these thought's?

Are these thought's constantly on your mind or just re-occurring thought's.You have to think that there's got to be a pattern here to your way of thinking?

Do you only think these thought's when, let's say, High! Or maybe, tired! Upset, happy, pissed up. Your mind plays a lot of trick's on you, especially if your pissed! The Alcohol affects your brain, as you are aware of.

Are you physically attracted to someone? Someone who you know?

You definitely need to see a shrink!

If you think that these fantasies are getting out of control, you need to act, and like yesterday if you get my drift? (now)


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Hi Scared

Yeh I know the administrator talks about your problem, I've been reading your post! I don't mean the administrator pin points you out for it to be your problem. I mean he talks about this in general.

You know, you go on about being a Paedophile, Is that what you want? To be a Paedophile! I've looked up Paedophile and it comes under Sexual Perversions. I am going to write a few things down for you. I hope your up for a lenghy read, as it is quite long. Here goes:



Sexual perversions are conditions in which sexual excitement or orgasm is associated with acts or imagery that are considered unusual within the culture. To avoid problems associated with the stigmatization of labels, the neutral term paraphillia, derived from greek roots meaning 'alongside of' and 'love,' is used to describe what used to be called sexual perversions. A paraphillia is a condition in which a person's sexual arousal and gratification depend on a fantasy theme of an unuaual situation or object that becomes the principal focus of sexual behaviour.


Paraphillias can revolve around a particular sexual object or a particular act. They are defined by DSM-IV as 'sexual impulse disorders characterized by intensely arousing, recurrant sexual fantasies, urges and behhaviours considered deviant with respect to cultural norms and that produce clinically significant distress or impairment in social occupational or other important areas of psychosocial funcioning.' The nature of a paraphillia is generally specific and unchanging, and most of the paraphillias are far more commen in men than in women.

Paraphillias differ from what some people might consider 'normal' sexual activity in that these behaviours cause significant distress or impairment in areas of life functioning. They do not refer to the normal use of sexual activity, or objects to heighten sexual excitment where there is no distress or impairment. The most common signs of sexual activity that can be classified as paraphillia include: the inabillity to resist an impulse for the sexual act, the requirment of patticipation by non-consenting or under-aged individuals, legal consequences, resulting sexual dysfunction, and interference with normal social relationships.

Paraphillias include fantasies, behaviours, and/or urges which:

The most common paraphillias are:

A paraphilliac often has more than one paraphillia. Paraphillias often result in a variety of associated problems, such as guilt, depression, shame, isolation, and impairment in the capacity for normal social and sexual relationships. A paraphillia can, and often does, become highly idiosyncratic and ritualized.


Ther is very little certainty about what causes a paraphillia. Psychoanalysts generally theorize that these conditions represent a regression to or a fixation at a earlier level of psychosexual development resulting in a repetitive pattern of sexual behaviour that is not mature in its application and expression. in other words, an individual repeats or reverts to a sexual habit arising early in life. Another psychoanalytic theory holds that these conditions are all expressions of hostility in which sexual fantasies or unusual sexual acts become a means of obtaining revenge for a childhood trauma. The persistant, repetitive nature of the paraphillia is caused by an inabilliyt to erase the underlying trauma completely. Indeed, a history of childhood sexual abuse is sometimes seen in individuals with paraphillias.

However, behaviourist suggest instead, that the paraphillia begins via a process of conditioning. Nonsexual objects can become sexually arousing if they are frequently and repeatedly associated with a pleasurable sexual activity. The development of a paraphillia is not usually a matter of conditioning alone; there must uaually be some predisposing factor, such as difficulty forming person-to-person sexual relationships or poor self esteem. The following are situations or causes that might lead someone in a paraphilliac direction:


Whatever the cause, paraphilliacs apparently rarely seek treatment unless they are induced into it by an arrest or discovery by a family member. This makes diagnosis before a confrontation very difficult.

Paraphilliacs may select an occupation, or develop a hobby or volunteer work, that puts them in contact with the desired erotic stimuli, for example, selling womens shoes or lingerie in fetishism, or working with children in pedophillia. Other coexistent problems may be alcohol or drug abuse. intimacy problems, and personality disturbances, especially emotional immaturity. Additionally, there mey be sexual dysfunctions. Erectile dysfunction and a n inability to ejaculate may be common in attempts at sexual activity without the paraphilliac theme.

Paraphilias may be mild, moderate, or severe. An individual with mild paraphillia is markedly distressed by the recurrent paraphilliac urges but has never acted on them. The moderate has occasionally acted on the paraphillic urge. A severe paraphilliac has repeatedly acted on the urge.


The literature describing treatment is fragmentary and incomplete. traditional psychoanalysis has not been particularly effective with paraphillia and generally requires several years of treatment. Therapy with hypnosis has also had poor results. current interest focus primarily on several bahavioural techniques that include the following:

In additional to these therapies, drugs are sometimes prescribed to treat paraphiliac behaviours. drugs that drastically lower testosterone temporarily (antiandrogens) have been used for the control of repetitive deviant sexual behaviours and have been prescribed for paraphillia-related disorders as well.

There is the prognosis yet to type up but i'm afraid i'm to knackered. The time is now 03.20am.

I hope this settles your mind a bit. Will type up the prognosis tomorrow.


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Hi Scared

What do you mean, that you've read through this stuff before?

So you mean to tell me that I was wasting my time, researching and typing all this stuff for you? Well Thank you very much! I spent a lot of time typing all this stuff out for you. It's not easy when your Dyslexic you know!

Going of your post. To me it sounds as though you've been really hurt of female adults, sometime in your life? It's just that I get the impression that they've done no good by you. In other words, they've shit on you BIG TIME!

Me personally, I think that you've been shit on, good and proper! Because of the way you've been shit on, I think that now (this present time) It's your mind's way of dealing with it. You no longer trust the adult female, regarding your emotions and feelings. This is why you say that you are still attracted to the adult female but you will find that you will no longer trust them. So this will explain why, you say that you are getting feelings to wards the child


Logically speaking, your body needs female attention, but the only form of female attention that your minds going to accept is the child female. This will explain why you are getting thoughts of being a paedophile! Does that make sense! Do you get what I'm getting at?

So in-fact, your body wants the female child and your mind want the adult child, because your mind knows its wrong to have a female child.

Do you understand what I mean? I had to think about it myself, when I was typing it for you. I understand what you mean now! Blimey! It is confusing isn't it?


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