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Podcast Interview with Marc Kern Ph.D on alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous

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Hey all,

Since there is a fair amount of skepticism with regard to 12 step and AA in this group, I think you may find enjoy listening to this podcast we've just published today (July 2nd, 2008) with Los Angeles based psychologist Marc Kern on Rational Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous. Dr. Kern is big on secular and rational alternatives to AA, and as well, seems to be a proponent of controlled drinking.


Please listen and let us know what you think, pro or con.


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Kern's ideas are quite sensible.

The rhetoric of AA is, sometimes, close to jeremiad. One may call it "awfulizing". That may be due, in part, to the nature - severity, duration, etc - of the problem presented by the members of early AA. People like Bill Wilson had a very serious and well developed realtionship with John Barleycorn. It seemed to define the solution. But, people like Bill Wilson -- even though they spread havoc -- are not common.

The call to abstain - and not to moderate -- is, in part, based upon the experience of the early members such as Bill Wilson.

AA is, clearly, useful to some people. The factors which indicate this usefulness may be discerned with no great difficulty.

AA is, by nature and intent, absolutist.

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