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Hi everyone-

I have been around here more (for me) lately because I have been out of work for awhile. (Since August 27, 2009, to be exact).

Although I am a registered nurse, the job market has not been pretty even in my field. ;)

However, I am thrilled to announce that I finally got a job yesterday! :rolleyes:

It has been a long, tough road that required dogged perseverance in spite of seeming to get kicked in the face a few times & ignored the rest. I have been getting unemployment compensation but it doesn't come close to covering all of my living expenses.

As some of you might know, I am a compulsive gambler but because I haven't gambled since December 2004 and am a thrifty person, I had savings to see me through this crisis. :cool:

My new job is as an MDS Coordinator for a skilled nursing facility. This is a case management position that does detailed reporting to the state and feds to comply with regulations and ensure correct reimbursement for the facility for care given.

Wish me luck everyone!


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WooHoo! That is such good news! I've watched my daughter in England struggle to find work for 2 years now (she immigrated there when she married two years ago). It's hard on the self-esteem and it takes determination to continue fighting to find employment. I'm so happy you found something that you are excited about ..:) I hope you will really enjoy it.

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