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New Forums Created; Some Other Forums Moved/Transformed


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I've created a few new forums and have moved around a few other forums so as to implement some of David O's suggestions earlier in this thread.

I've moved "Cognitive Reframing Help" under "Special Topics"

I've repurposed the old (and underutilized) "Children's Mental Illness" as "Living with People Diagnosed with a Mental Illness" and have placed it under "Special Topics"

I've created a new "Sanctuary and Spirituality" forum and placed it under "Special Topics"

I've created a "Recommended" forum under "About the Community"

I've created an "Urgent Need" forum under "About the Community"

I personally don't like the idea of renaming "Addictions and Impulse Problems" to "Recovery". I know that term is commonly used in the addictions community, but really, it is a general term for what everyone here is trying to do - get a handle on issues they are dealing with. So I see the process of recovery rather broadly and don't want to limit it to addictions. Also, "recovery" tends to evoke AA/12Steps more than other forms of addiction treatments, and I have evolved a complex understanding of AA/12Step at this point - I'm fine to promote it but also want to promote other ways of going about dealing with addictions equally as much and so do not want to use a term more associated with AA/12Steps than other approaches.



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Excellent work!!!!!!!!! I'll need to slowly wade into it, but I think it's good stuff.

For my part, I'll check into the urgent care thread 2-3 times per day and try to focus there. I would like some help though as we may need additional voices sometimes or I may not be able to get to it as frequently as necessary. Can anyone else commit some time to this? It would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks Marc. I've traditionally only used the new posts, but I'll try out a few other ones and see what happens.

I don't mind checking the urgent thread every day, but I am not very qualified to give any advice :) I can welcome and give a few initial kind words, but I'm no pro, especially not for people in crisis...

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