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really wierd things are happening


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A while back I had posted a thread about bi-polar. I had thought I had bi-polar until recently some really weird things have started to happen. Ive always seen things ever since I was a child like halos around objects and pixelated images and colours and distorted images. Just recently it started to get really intense, I see it almost every time I look around. I hallucinate and I see objects and I see things floating around. Its really hard to explain the things I see. Also I always get a ringing in my ear and it always starts to get louder and louder and louder. I do talk to my self alot in my head and I always think bad things are gonna happen. I was a heavy marijuanna user for 3 years up until i stopped about 7 months ago. From that time till now is when things started getting weird. Last week for no reason at all something kept telling me to smoke pot again and I did so and since than ive smoked about 10 times and its just making my symptoms worse but I keep telling my self just one more time do it come on and I always end up giving in. I know you cant diagnose here but can I get some clues on whats going on and how to cope with it. It would greatly be appreciated. Thank you

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Well gnarlybutter(love the name by the way) I have bipolar and know that self medicating with drugs, alcohol does not help, it makes things worse. We can't give our bodies or our Dr's a fighting chance if we keep masking it with chemicals.... So you should really try and stop the pot smoking and really know what you are dealing with.

I understand the feelings you have with the halos and stuff and I am no Dr here but maybe one of them can chime in to reply to you but I think at different times of severe distress, I have actually seen sahdows and ghosts, like my grandfather. And I have had dreams that end up coming true so I think something really does happen in our brain that makes us more susceptable to these abilities. Which makes me wonder why people have those certain "gifts" of seeing ghosts or some other form of paranormal activiy. So I am a believer....

If you were diagnosed with Bipolar then that shouldn't change because you have this other stuff going on. Psychosis can occur, hearing voices etc... but like I said maybe one of the Dr's can respond....

I wish you luck and as fas as coping, learn all you can about the illness and yourself, chart your daily moods etc... and put it in the right perspective by seeing your Dr and therapist and this should be the start to getting yourself better... good luck...:)

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Hi GnarlyButter, welcome back :-)

I listened to a program last week (by David Suzuki) that talked about the link of marijuana and mental illness. Apparently pot can lead to mental illness and-or schizophrenia in a number of young people (15-20 being the critical age). It is apparently linked to a genetic marker that makes people predisposed to this.

Here is a reference to the program:


For now you need to get off the pot and try to get an evaluation by a professional. I'm not sure they are all up on this research, but the mental health association in your area may be able to lead you in the right direction...

Good luck ....

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Hi gnarly,

Hallucinations that suddenly intensify are not a good sign. And experiencing your craving for pot as "something kept telling me to smoke" is not good either. Those two together... well, no, not good. :)

I can't really estimate yet how urgent your problem is in the grand scheme of your life. You're an experienced pot user after three years of use, so I guess you know a thing or two about how pot influences your mind. But based on what you have written here, I'd strongly advise you to seek out help.

About what's going on. Basically, weed is a relatively harmless drug. The worst that can happen for the average person is that he or she might end up devoting their life to getting high, missing out on the other things life has to offer. However, this isn't true for people who experience hallucinations, voices or delusions. They have greater risk. Allow me to explain.

The reason you experience hallucinations is because how the human brain works in general. We don't experience the reality around us directly. Our brain creates a model first, which is then constantly compared with the information from our senses. So the mechanism of how perception works is actually opposite to how most people think it works. Basically, you have the ability not to make that comparison. You have the ability to let your mental model run freely and ignore the information from your senses!

It can be a fascinating thing, seeing things other people cannot see. Some people can turn this into quite unique skills. But it has a major drawback, because with the ability to ignore comes the ability to escape reality altogether. That's a dangerously attractive thought for those who have had their hardships in life. That's where pot comes into play. Pot increases that ability not to compare your internal model with your sensory input, and that can become an ability too powerful to handle. Plus, going off pot might make your hallucinations go wild as well, because your brain feels it has to compensate for being fed so much reality all of a sudden!

In short, you're the kind of person who is at risk to retreat into his/her own mental world permanently if you continue to use pot. If you do not feel in control of your pot use, SEEK ASSISTANCE NOW! Don't worry if your problem doesn't feel serious enough yet. Professionals are trained to take this problem REALLY SERIOUSLY. You're really lucky you're seeking help online this early, you might have just avoided receiving hell on earth!

If I have made something not very clear, please tell so, so I can elaborate. And if you feel like you could add relevant details, please do so.

Much love,


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thanks alot for taking the time the reply I really appreciate it. Im gonna try to get help but I keep telling my self I dont need it this is all crazy. My parents arent very supportive of this either they think I'm making it all up and they just cuss at me. When I thought I had bi-ploar and I went to the doctor the doctor said he couldnt help me cause I had only been experiencing the symptoms for a couple weeks and it should be for atleast 3-12 months. Would the same go for whats going on now because I dont want to wait that long till things get worse.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Gnarlybutter,

I am rather shocked at your Doctor's comment when you told him your symptoms. In point of fact, you stated that you have hallucinations dating back to childhood.

In my opinion, you are having symptoms that are serious and require the intervention of a psychiatrist.

I do not view marijuana as a harmless drug, espcially for someone like you who is having all types of symptoms. You need to see your doctor again and clearly explain all of these symptoms and how long you have had them.


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