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I'm sorry I keep posting, I'm just really confused. As I've mentioned before, I think I'm a psychopath. I don't feel things others DO. One thing, I worry I might kill someone. When I see on the news people killing people I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING, it's the same with child abusers - I don't feel a things, no hate, no love. Is this because I'm going to be one? Also, I feel like I'm going to hurt my little cousin. The way I look at him - I just can't stop starting at him. It makes me think I'm a child abuser and pedophile. It's like I want to hurt him. It's the same with the cats - but I do. I squeeze the cat. When looking at the cat I think I want to squeeze it, and bite it -- I don't know why. I don't think about putting the cat through pain, I just squeeze it. I also have weird fetishes which I like, but I don't.

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HI ;)

Im sorry you are so confused at the moment.

Why are you so angry with yourself ?

I know you are feeling and displaying anger towards other people and animals, but erm idk, to me it seems possible that you are just angry at yourself. Like you want to punish yourself in someway. Because these are not nice things that you are feeling and saying about you.

Are you trying to make you suffer by trying to upset people with your actions. ?

Do you think or feel that by behaving in this manner that it will make people be and act offensive toward you. I think that sometimes maybe its possible that subconciously we act in a certain manner to be treated in a way that we feel that we either deserve or expect to be treated.

Oh Im sorry Im not really sure how to word my thoughts at the moment. But i do care, and want to help if i can. We all do.

take care


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I'm not surprised that you are not touched by the news. I stopped watching them because i refused not to feel anymore. But this may not be your problem...

At the moment you seem to go in loops and you're finding it difficult to think of any suggestion or comment posted by others. You sound disoriented and you may need to stop reading and looking for diagnosis. Perhaps finding a psychotherapist will be suitable for some time. You may not want to change, but even if you don't, you need to have some understanding of yourself,i think. You seem to want that. Do you?

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